Who isn't ready for a holiday?

The workaholic in me often thinks, "I can possibly catch up on this, this and this while no one is working if I put in just a few hours."

Not this time!

After prepping for and being at the retail show weekend before last, I was so very ready for a three day weekend. More than that, it's been a year since, I've taken a vacation, so I am ready for a break.

This 4th of July I celebrated the independence I had to sleep in, and be at least a little lazy.

That is before I needed to go over to my parents to a couple of things I needed to do before their 4th of July get together.

I needed to paint vines on this letter. (Yes, we're still making if anyone is interested.)

Then, I had to make some dips to serve at their get together.

For the evening, I played the part of the 13th wheel for a get together of the 60 plus set. No, I didn't go watch the fireworks either.