The payoff is never as good as the tease

So, only two more weeks of The Bachelorette... sadly about the only thing on TV that I am watching right now. Further proof I need to find better things to do like go walking and have a heat stroke in the evenings (I should have gone this week when it was record lows for July), work on crochet projects or read.

There was a commercial with a good tease about the "Men Tell All" episode, but it's not up on the site. Will Andi question her choices? I doubt it. The payoff of the actual episode is never, ever as good as the tease.

But then again... would we watch if the commercials said, "There will be nothing unexpected and everyone pretty much minds their Ps and Qs."

Here's the only preview from the site for Monday night.

In other boring TV news, the "season" finale of Sister Wives is Sunday night. I think it's a bunch of rehash of rehash of their lives and how each wife joined the family. The commercial teases, "is Robin pregnant?" Probably not. She's probably just going to announce that she is giving up on My Sister Wives' Closet so she can try to have a baby or something. I'm over the Brown family too.