I can find a million excuses not to do housework

If you ever come to my house, I can promise you it's going to be straightened and arranged without stuff out of place.

I cannot promise there won't be a layer of dust over the perfectly arranged knickknacks, tables or even the TV. Nor will I promise the floors won't need vacuumed, there won't be dishes in the sink (and the sink needs to be washed too), and the bathrooms won't need scrubbing.

I'm a neat person that hates a mess and wants everything organized. However, I hate to clean house.

For weeks, there have been reasons I haven't spent Saturdays cleaning. Because goodness knows I'm not doing it at night or on a Sunday between church services (as you all know, that's the sacred nap time).

  • I need to go shopping to use a coupon before I meet Rakia at the Ranger game.
  • I have to go take my great aunt to go see my Grandmother.
  • I spent all day painting letters at my parents. 
  • I have some work I need to get done.
I was determined I was going to do it today. Today's excuses may be the lamest of them all.
  • I have the cramps so therefore I am going to lay on the couch and watch Food Network until noon (ok - at least 11:00 when The Kitchen goes off). By the way, it was nice and cool and comfortable, plus my mom told me I should do just that when I called to let Dad know I was awake like he asked me to since he was going to come mow.
  • "Mom, do you need to run errands? I thought I had some toothpaste in the cabinet, and I don't know how much I can squeeze out." Dad told her she needed to get out of the house and avoid phone calls. 
  • I needed to get a bookshelf to hold more of my book hoard in my office.
  • I decided I wanted to paint my rusty mailbox. It was supposed to be gold, but with rust, I had decided it needed freshening up. Dad was out of black spray paint so he painted it brown as a primer coat before I painted it to match my front door.
  • I need to balance my checkbook and note all of my August payments that I've gotten bills for this week. 
  • I need to waste hours on the computer for no reason whatsoever.
  • I need to catch up on my blogging. 
But, hey, don't you like my mailbox? My phone takes the world's worst pictures, by the way.