It's amazing what kids will do if you promise them a prize

Tonight was the last night of Vacation Bible School, and I promised prizes to the leaders of our scoreboard. I don't have a picture of the final totals - I still have it up in the room. Maybe I'll remember to take a picture Sunday.

Each child had one of the paper plates with their name on the board. The theme was a race, so various activities added points to your score like a track meet.

1 point   Each day you were there

2 points  Bringing your Bible (per day)

2 points  Bringing a friend (per friend per day)

3 points  Bringing back completed homework given out the night before (it was super easy - just took responsibility to remember it)

3 points  Remembering a memory verse (I gave them a list the first day of all the lessons we were doing for the three days, the main theme verse and two extra for the days we weren't doing. You could get 18 total.)

I've done this before just doing 1 point for each item. When we had a pirate theme, I gave gold coins for their treasure boxes. Last year, it was a carnival theme, so they got a giant piece of paper popcorn to put in a popcorn bag.

There are some kids who will do all sorts of things with the promise of a prize. Two were especially hungry for the prize, including Peyton.

One of our memory verses came from Ecclesiastes, so I issued a special challenge the second night... Come back tomorrow night and spell Ecclesiastes for 5 bonus points. 

Mom was quite impressed when I told her Peyton pulled it off. She even sent me a video on my phone. She texted it to me within a couple of hours of the challenge. She came in second by two points - someone brought one more friend than she did.

Here's some pictures of the kids I know parents are ok with me posting.