Can't they just wait 10 more days?

At the risk of sounding like an old foggie, the Christmas season comes earlier every year. As much as I despise Halloween, it barely got its own time this year.

Thanksgiving comes as early as it can this year. Can't we just enjoy it first?

I honestly kind of struggle with this time of year. Making it come early and last longer isn't especially helpful.

After a day of unproductively hanging around the house, I finally got out of the house for toothpaste and milk. I came home to flip on the TV (nothing is ever on that's any good at 5 on a Saturday) to the Hallmark Channel where I think they started playing those sappy made for TV Christmas movies that are anything but "original" despite their description back in September. Ok, maybe just the week before Halloween.

And here I sit, sucked in by a movie with the title "Christmas in November."

Oh, the irony of it all.

What I really need is an episode of "World's Worst Tenants" since I am annoyed at my neighbors again. It would be more entertaining than this sap.


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