Even if it is just a fictional character, I feel I am not alone

Yes, I admit up front, it's been a lazy weekend inside the walls of my home, and I've done nothing exciting and blog worthy. I read half a book yesterday. That's as productive as I have been.

This post is about that half a book I read yesterday. Since I worked with Sibella Giorello a few months ago on her latest release, The Stars Shine Bright, I've been making my way through her first four books. I bought the first two and sweet talked the publisher (thanks Thomas Nelson Fiction) into sending the next two. After finishing #3 yesterday (The Clouds Roll Away), I started #4 (The Mountains Bow Down).

Between all the books we do blog tours and/or publicity on, all the free Kindle downloads I have gotten (check out Inspired Reads and get their daily email if you don't get it already), and my stack of "too good of a deal not to buy" purchases, I have close to 100 books I have not read. I'm putting myself on a no buying unless it's one of five authors restriction. And the truth with that is, I could get three of those through a blogging program even though I usually buy those authors anyway.

The whole point of my admitting that I am a book hoarder is to say I bought some of Sibella's books, and I put them at the top of my reading list. I love her sense of humor and sarcasm, although the thing I laughed at the most in #3 was kind of politically incorrect, so I won't share. Honesty and humor is awesome. Oh, and if you like suspense like I do, you'll love these Raleigh Harmon novels.

One of my favorite parts of the second half of the book that I read yesterday was this. The real point of this blog today. I know, it took a while to get there.

Another side point, this book was set at Christmas-time and combined with watching those Hallmark movies I referred to in yesterday's post, I was about Christmas-crazy.

Oh, back to my point...

I just had to share this page on Facebook to show Jenny and my other friends that perhaps I'm not quite as strange as they think I am.

I admit it here. I have a thing about guys' wrists.

The problem is a number of years ago, I admitted to Jenny that I was obsessed with Matt Damon's wrists after he was on one of the late night talk shows.

She likes to poke fun at that from time to time.

I've had a thing about forearms since college. I took score for the baseball team and saw a lot of really good ones.

Yeah, it's kind of weird. But I would have thought like Raleigh.

I've never really heard anyone else have a thing for wrists, so I figured I was kind of weird. At least Raleigh likes wrists and forearms too. Even if she is a fictional character. There's truth in all fiction, right?


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