What I learned about Black Friday shopping - the stores' dirty little secrets

For all my commentary on not shopping on Black Friday, I did. But I didn't go shopping for yarn. And I sure didn't wake up early.

Mom wanted to get dad an office chair at Office Depot. He's the one with a list this year as opposed to the norm. Their sales circular had $60 worth of iTunes gift cards for $45. All the nieces wanted those for their iPod Touch. You can't beat $15 free. I was also looking for a laptop that was like $300 off so that I wouldn't wear out my nice, large, touch screen computer so quickly because I've gotten some of those scary DOS screens on shut down lately. Plus, I could actually go someplace with Wi-Fi and work from time to time for a change of scenery.

That would mean going to Whataburger because I'm not sure the Slot Machine Coffee Shop has free wi-fi. I can also go out of town and still be able to accomplish work.

I didn't see the computer out there, and I forgot what I saw in the circular because I didn't have it with me. I bought my gift cards, Mom and Dad bought the chair (guess Dad needed an excuse to get out of the house and not hang up Christmas lights).

We decided to go to Waxahachie where we just got in on the Early Bird specials at Belk because the lines were so long at 5 minutes until 1:00 that you could kind of cheat.

We shopped Belk, the Hallmark store, JCPenney, Target, and Office Depot up there.

Here's the secret to Black Friday Shopping...

You have to ask them for what the sales ad has. They keep those behind the counter and sell you the more expensive ones.

Before I went into the store, I looked online this time and saw the computer at the price I wanted. I walked in, said, "I want this."

They looked to see if they had it in stock, went behind the sales counter, picked it up and sold it to me. If I hadn't asked, I would have not gotten the one I wanted. That's rather annoying. But, the manager did say that most of the stuff in those Black Friday ads are things they don't carry regularly, so they aren't out on display.

Now, I can play TV shows on the big screen computer across the room, and have a laptop that I can hook up to dual monitors and more efficiently work with split screens. YEA!!!

So much for not shopping on Black Friday.