It may stay up until St. Patrick's day now

I know you weren't wondering, but I'll act like you were...

In case you were wondering, it took me until Monday night/Tuesday morning at 2 AM to get all my lights and decorations on my big tree. Six hours. I did my lights too thick at the bottom and my back-up strings weren't working to throw more lights on it. And I couldn't have a half lit tree, so I had to unwind and rewind.

As seen from my couch while I was crashing. That's the corner of my love seat.

Normally, I take down the day after Christmas. As much work as it was putting it up, and will be getting it down, I may just leave it up until St. Patrick's Day. (Highly doubtful, but...)

And I got my other little tree up too. I'm having a party for some friends to see it. Otherwise, I'm not decorating like this for my health. I was exhausted yesterday, my back was killing me, and I have bruises all over my legs from getting up and down from standing on chairs.