A to-do list never ends - and I just started another one of a different kind

A couple of weeks ago, my boss sent us all packages of new to-do lists. Perhaps that was a subtle sign that we all need to get organized and get it together. I have 6 stapled together.

I have marked a few things off, but have added numerous more back on. Oh, if that only covered all that I need to do.

Before a baby shower this weekend, I really need to go finish a crochet project. I've finished one part, but need to go finish another.

I blame my new addiction to Song Pop on my phone. Really, I do.

Then, I have another project started that I started 4 times trying to see how I was going to do another project I have promised. It may be started yet again by the time it's all over with.

Oh, but with a post on Facebook I made yesterday, I may have a new side job and another to-do list. Isn't this adorable? I asked if anyone wanted me to make this, and a number of people do. I'm not sure how fast I could get it done, if it even turns out right!

I'd give credit, but I snagged it off of someone else's Facebook wall where they had reposted it.

I also have a friend that's asked if I could make this for her little boy.

On principle, I would just like to say that this may be a little too much like this pin from Pinterest that went straight to my "Things That Should Not Exist" board.

A couple of other crochet projects I will not be taking part in:

I just don't understand the deer head. My dad thought it was awesome. I don't understand my dad either.

And I sure won't be making this for Christmas.


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