There's nothing to say because I was on my best behavior

At least my best behavior for me. This is good news for Rachel because I did not embarrass myself or her. Except that brief moment I held the same pose as Timmy the Fly and stared across the room at him because he was staring our direction

This is bad news for everyone else including Jenny who I kind of think wanted toake the blog tonight. There tyou just made it again.

In other news, I am looking at bigger places by way of renting now. I found a place I liked in the country with neighbors far enough away considering how close I have been for years. It even had it's own mailbox.

You could see my uncle and cousin's house from it. Possibly a minus and was two houses back from Paige and Peyton's mom's so that when they were with their mom they would be at my house all the time.

But the rent was too much for my lonesome. So help me, I am going to be stuck here for ever. Anyone know of an affordable, decent, larger place I can rent on one income?


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