Why is that a Black Friday deal?

Maybe I need to go Black Friday shopping after all.

I was looking at the Walmart ads. Two whole circulars. Event 1 starts at 8 PM on Thanksgiving. Event 2 at 10 PM on Thursday. Each with its own deals.

Event 3 starts at 5 AM on Black Friday. This is a picture of the front page.

Seriously? I mean yeah, it's a good deal on the big skeins of yarn. Yes, unlike serious crocheters, I use Red Heart (like my Nanny did).

But really? They had more yarn on another page. I just found it strange that yarn ranks with 60" TVs as front page deals.

I'm kind of thinking about going to Walmart on Friday after all. That makes me a mega nerd.

Oh and I had to go out there today. My parents' microwave started firing sparks this morning so I went with Dad to get a new one. An exhilarating day off. It was nuts today. I can only imagine the rush for yarn.