I hate decorating for Christmas

Each year as I drag out all my ornaments, I say, "this is so not worth it." After procrastinating all day long. This is what I have done. One small tree. It's the orange one I promised for Peyton. The light is wonky, so I need to try another one now that it's dark.

I untangled two strings of garland and started hanging them up, but the lights were out in one string. I've totally unstrung the lights that have been twisted around the garland for years. I'm going to rig different lights with the garland some other way. The garland had shiny holly leaves on it. Soon it won't because so much falls off every year. I'm going to have to vacuum as soon as there's room to vacuum.

I am not looking forward to the big tree. If I hadn't spent so much the past few years on all these purple and orange ornaments, I'd just skip decorating.