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Principles for Athletes,
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The platform of sports is arguably the largest and most influential platform for making a difference in the world—a language that transcends gender, race, age and even nationality. In fact, even the Bible compares the life of an athlete to the life of a Christian. Fellowship of Christian Athletes veterans Dan Britton and Jimmy Page use this universal language to help athletes better understand their position on God’s team in their latest release, WisdomWalks Sports: 40 Game-Changing Principles for Athletes, Coaches & Teams (Summerside Press/ISBN: 978-1609366841/$14.99).

Britton and Page’s new release follows the same winning formula as their previous release, Wisdom Walks. Both books serve as a real-life guide for walking purposefully with God and living a life of significance each of us was created for. WisdomWalks Sports was written with athletes, coaches and teams in mind, sharing 40 game-changing principles. It is a training tool for an unstoppable faith that packs a punch in the gym, in the locker room, at home and in all of life’s relationships. The goal is to walk daily with Christ, on and off the field, much like his disciples did. In doing so, your walk will become an example for teammates and spectators alike.

Each WisdomWalks Sports chapter features a key life principle, inspirational quote, scripture, and an in-the-trenches sports story with a life application. In addition, there’s a “Be a GameChanger!” section, room to write “My GamePlan” and a transforming prayer. “WisdomWalks Sports is a tool to energize and transform your life as an athlete, coach or teammate,” writes Britton. “We believe when competitors are transformed, they will transform the way sports are coached, played and even watched. It’s our vision to see the world of sports redeemed for Christ.”

 Readers will discover strategies to assemble their own “Dream Team” - the right kinds of people to have in their lives, a combination of four different kinds of relationships.

“As athletes and coaches, when you live intentionally, maximize relationships and pass the torch, you become difference makers. You grow increasingly passionate about life and excited about relationships, and your desire to understand and know God is amped up. You realize your faith isn’t something you leave on the sidelines. You are a player, not a fan!” explains Page.

Among the 40 game-changing principles that Britton and Page expand on in WisdomWalks Sports are:

·         We do the training; God does the changing.
·         Faith overcomes fear.
·         Humility unlocks greatness in others.
·         Character is formed in the fire.
·         Excuses lead to failure.
·         Depend on Him to shut down sin.
·         Prayer unleashes God’s power.
·         God loves spiritual sweat.
·         Becoming more like Jesus is winning.
·         If you want to be great, serve everybody.

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Advance Praise

“As an athlete and coach, I can tell you the team is all about relationships. This book is a great blend of mentoring, maturing and managing your life for impact.”
~Tony Dungy, Super Bowl-winning NFL head coach, sports analyst, and New York Times best-selling author

“A game plan for anyone who wants to grow in Christ, written by men who have done just that!
~ Kyle Rote Jr., 2010 Soccer Hall of Fame, ESPN’s “Greatest All-Around Athlete” of All Time, national commentator for CBS, PBS, and USA Cable

“Whether you’re in the locker room, the board room, or the living room, if you’re intentional about walking like Jesus, you will influence people. ‘WisdomWalks’ gives you a winning game plan to invest biblical truth in the lives of others.”
~ Matt Stover, twenty-year NFL player for the Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts, Cleveland Browns, and New York Giants

“A great resource for parents, coaches and anyone who cares about kids and their futures.”
~ Les Steckel, president/CEO of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and twenty-two-year NFL coach

“A very useful, practical field guide based upon forty biblical principles that get one to ‘true north.’ Packed with practical wisdom and eternal truths.”
~ Tom Osborne, athletic director of the University of Nebraska, former twenty-five-year head coach of the Huskers, and author of More Than Winning
About the Authors

Dan Britton serves as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ Executive Vice President of Ministry Programs at the National Support Center in Kansas City. He has been on FCA staff since 1991, first serving for thirteen years in Virginia. Dan oversees the ministry advancement, including Camps, Coaches Ministry, Campus Ministry, Community Ministry, Training, Digital Ministry, and Resource Development. While at St. Stephens High School in Virginia and at the University of Delaware, Dan was a standout lacrosse player. He continued his career by playing professional indoor lacrosse for four years with the Baltimore Thunder, earning a spot on the All-Star team, and was nominated by his teammates for both the Service and Unsung Hero awards. Dan is now a frequent speaker at schools, churches, conferences, camps, conventions, and retreats. He still plays and coaches lacrosse and even enjoys running marathons. He is married to Dawn, whom he met in youth group in eighth grade, and they reside in Overland Park, Kansas, with their three children: Kallie, Abby, and Elijah.

Jimmy Page serves as a Vice President of Field Ministry and the National Director of the Health & Fitness ministry for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Growing up in the snow country of Rochester, New York, he became a three-sport athlete in high school and went on to graduate with two degrees from Virginia Tech. For nearly twenty years, he has been a leader in the medical fitness industry, operating wellness facilities affiliated with Sinai Hospital and Johns Hopkins. Jimmy is also a certified Nike-Sparq Trainer and currently hosts a daily radio segment and national podcast on iTunes called Fit Life Today, offering a blend of spiritual, mental, and physical health principles that promote abundant life. As a communicator, Jimmy is a frequent speaker at schools, churches, camps, and retreats and a trainer for corporate and nonprofit organizations, challenging people to transform their lives, walk with Jesus, and influence others. He has a contagious enthusiasm and passion for life. As a lifelong athlete, Jimmy enjoys coaching, cycling, and triathlons. He is married to his college sweetheart, Ivelisse, and they reside in Maryland with their four children: Jimmy, Jacob, John, and Gracie.


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