I may have my very own stalker

You know the saying, "I think I created a monster?"

I may have created a stalker.

Tonight as I was walking around the church building, I met the Hispanic minister along the way. His name is Mud. Because he is terrible.

Our church building makes a big loop. I would call the halls a circle, but it's not a round shape. Anyway. The halls are ceramic tile and the place echos. And when people like Mud are loud, you are sure to hear it around the entire building.

So, Mud says, "you're boyfriend's behind you."

As a reflex at "behind you," I turn around to see Not-My-Boyfriend-Timmy-the-Fly coming around the corner. I just laugh really loud, then say, "you know that's not true," really, really loud in case anyone thought that might have been true.

What I was really wondering is if a certain someone else was following me after already coming across him elsewhere.

You see, ever since the kids in my 5th grade class have promoted, the boys, especially one in particular, have taken to make sure they speak to me every time they see me. Both have at different times followed me to my car in the parking lot and tried to leave with me. But, one does it more often than the other and is sure to make me smile and laugh.

The past two Wednesday nights, I've been looking for Rachel who's gotten out of the building before me. So, I've gone out the door she would have to see if she's left. My new best friend has been following me out, and walking a good distance across the parking lot (closer to another exit) to my car.

And he's kind of been following me around the building. I find this funny because A) he's not creepy like the fly, B) he's only 11 and doesn't have a driver's licence so C) I don't have to worry that he knows where I live.

What's seriously cool about this kid in particular is that over the last year, I've really seen him come out of his shell and develop a funny personality. That is probably the coolest thing school teachers witness. I can hear some people say, you really should teach. In case any of you forgot, I tried that 11 years ago, and it lasted all of one semester.

I seriously wondered if I was going to get away from the two boys tonight because they were talking my ears off.

I should be completely flattered that two young men want to talk to me, think I'm funny, believe I'm cool, and try to get my attention. They do keep me entertained, even if I was at 24 years old when they were born.

It's moments like this that I kind of miss my teaching my crazy group on Sunday mornings. These two miss getting to be uploaded to You Tube every week. They were ready to make a video tonight. Maybe I should have whipped my phone out so that you could laugh right along with me. I might have to do that next week.


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