This kind of explains a lot of birthday

My dad found this birthday card and mom had some of my old Sunday school kids sign the card. She was only able to catch a few of them, but it was fitting.

Last night my parents and I took Paige and Peyton to Mardel's and Hobby Lobby for what ended up as Christmas shopping for them rather than birthday shopping for me, but that's ok too. We then ate at Cracker Barrel as a pick everyone would like. I was all about including the girls iny plans since they were more concerned with my birthday than I was.

Today my two special fans followed me around church. Morning and evening. One of them put my name into an iPod app for my own special birthday song. When one had a small branch to give me birthday lashes, my Dad surprisingly told him he needed a bigger one which he did find.

The other who is probably reading this right now posted "happy birthday" on 79 of my blog posts. I am impressed with his effort because I woke up from my Sunday nap to 79 emails of comment notifications. Thank you for your many many birthday wishes! 

My day came to a close with some friends who came over to watch SISTER WIVES.

All in all, it was a great day!