A cold, wet, miserable day

After nine weekends in a row, our craft season ended today. It was a cold, wet, miserable day. Make that two days.

Every year, we try something different on the second Saturday of December. We've tied four different events in four different towns, and none of them have been kind to us. This one at Sanger High School was supposed to be a good event, but maybe we should just blame the weather.

We've been quite fortunate that the weather has been good, especially for driving up and unloading. Except for the first week. The first week was terribly nerve-wracking through heavy rain headed up I-35 north around Carrollton and Lewisville on Friday evening. At least that time it was still daylight out back in October. It cleared off before we unloaded. It poured cats and dogs and hamsters and cows and horses on Saturday, but it cleared off before we loaded up and headed home. Sales were great even with the pouring weather.

This weekend was different. It got dark early on us on Friday. The traffic got heavy. The rain got heavy. We had to go super slow. The windshield wipers were hypnotizing. There were accidents on the road. There was road construction. It was the longest Friday night drive of the season.

This morning, we had to get up before bright was even a thought. It was dark and early. And rainy. And 35 degrees outside. It was like that all the live long day.

There was decent customer traffic, but people weren't buying. Everyone around us, even those that heard it was a good event and those who had witnessed being a good event were saying they wouldn't be back next year.

When we packed up, it was still raining and just as cold. There was just a tiny bit of light left before heading back into construction, back into traffic.

It was an awful drive.

Next year, we'll probably quit after the first weekend in December. It was our best single day of the year. Better to end on a high note, not low.

The past nine weeks have flown by in a blur. An absolute blur. I think in part because I've had so much work going on too. It's a relief to be past it in a way because I've said I'll have time to get organized and productive with some end of year reports and such. I doubt that's true, but I've said it. I'm mainly hoping for some normal sleeping hours!