My parents believe me now

This year we decided to forego the only local Christmas event so that we could all be at LD Bell High School for one of the biggest craft events in the DFW area. I went last year with Angie as my helper while Mom and Dad did the hometown event. However, Angie couldn't go with me this year. She didn't get back from her Disney cruise until yesterday.

I told Dad we didn't have to get there at 5 AM when they opened the doors, but I knew that wasn't actually going to fly. We picked up our Dunkin' Donuts and were at the school before the clock struck 5:00. What we didn't realize, and this would have kept us from being there so early, is that the kids don't show up to start work until 5:30 AM. We had to start unloading ourselves which meant my bragging about being able to unload in 10 minutes because 100 kids would help you get in the building was proven wrong. If we had just waited until 5:30, we would have been in just as quickly. At 5:30, all the kids started flowing out of the building like ants from an ant pile someone just stepped in.

Once 9:00 arrived along with the shoppers, then my parents could believe all the hype I gave them. They'd never seen so much craft show traffic, and we had our biggest single day... over $2000 sold.

I'm telling you, after two years, I've still not gone in all the areas that have crafts. We were in a hall near one of the entry doors and had people all day long coming by talking about how lost they were. There's somewhere between 200-300 booths spread throughout the school. I got lost trying to get out to the car to bring it back up closer for loading because I was trying to find one of the areas.

It's one of THE shows in the area to do. If you happen to be a vendor, try to get in. If you are a shopper, you'll see a good variety of things to buy.