I gave in on the whole Christmas thing

Last year, I skipped the whole decorate for Christmas thing. I was just too busy with craft shows and just not into it by the time we got through. I said then that I would put it up earlier on an off week this year.

I thought it was a bit early to put it up before October 12, and I didn't have free time since. 

I'm really trying to be more festive, and the way this fall was an absolute blur along with the fact we didn't celebrate Thanksgiving on the road, I felt I need to decorate to be "of the season."

However, I put the bullet and started getting it put together. Partially because I needed the closet space down stairs, I moved the tree box upstairs. I decided to put it up in the office because I would actually see it more.

I tried looking for a pre-lit tree this past weekend to just make the process of assembly and lighting go faster, but I hate how you can see through pre-assembled trees because they don't have as many limbs. They were all really expensive considering how thin they were. Plus, I have heard horror stories of how the lights malfunction.

I did find some more purple lights while I was out shopping. I thought it was my purple lights that were iffy. It was my clear lights. Only one of five or six strings of them were working. So, I put NINE strings of purple on the tree.

The thing glows purple for sure. Actually, it's more a pinkish glow. (This is with and without the flash.)

I'll have to finish it off tomorrow.