When you wait too long for even Amazon to deliver

Last weekend I tried shopping here in town, but I can't buy for my entire family at farm supply stores and the dollar stores.

Well, I could, but...

When I finally decided to do my shopping online, I was past the final day for guaranteed by Christmas shipping. Some of those things would have made nice presents.

I did find a few things on Amazon I needed as gifts, and thankfully, I was eligible for a free Prime trial. I usually, luckily qualify to pull that trick at Christmas-time. At least I will have a few things in time.

There's something I really wish I had ordered my dad weeks ago. I wanted to get him a cap with our The Crafty Dad and Daughter logo. I finally found a place where I didn't have to buy 48 caps. I get why they sell multiples, but Dad doesn't need that many. I didn't get the order done in time for Christmas delivery. Heck, I didn't even get it done in time for his birthday two weeks after Christmas. I have guaranteed delivery for January 14. Seriously. We'll call it a belated birthday present. He's going to flip.

All this rambling means, I'm going to have to venture outside the city limits tomorrow.