The last minute Christmas Eve project

It just wouldn't be Christmas without trying to finish one gift for someone at the last minute. 

I decided a couple of days ago that I would make my sister-in-law something to go in her classroom since I needed something else for her gift. I haven't made anything for anyone this year, and I didn't have to make stockings this year. I usually have something going up to the last minute.

So, I started this at 11 PM on December 23. 

Amanda decorated her classroom with cactus this year. I thought the phrase was cute. It took Dad a minute to get it when I showed him the picture. His response was, "Interesting." Mom said he was sleep deprived. His latest excuse. My brother got it quicker.

This is the sign I made a few months ago for her:

Most of today was like the day before Thanksgiving, cooking cornbread, picking apart the turkey, etc. That's what you do when you eat Whataburger for Thanksgiving.

We did go out to Brian and Amanda's for Christmas Eve tamales with her family. Dad, Brian and I taught her niece, Kambry, how to play 42. The poor girl had to partner with Brian, and I think he plays weird. Every time he tried to teach her something, I had to explain it in terms a beginner would get or explain why he was wrong! After a while though, Dad and I were the big losers.