My refusal to leave the city limits

After 9 weeks of driving out of town to do craft shows in a row, I was determined to stay in town this weekend. This didn't stop me from doing lots of running around town though.

I needed to ship off a few orders that I promised would be out by today. I had two orders and three client gifts to ship. However, I didn't have all the packaging here I needed. Instead of getting my rear in gear, I decided to be leisurely. I mean, the last nine Saturdays have started at 5 AM or something like that (either to drive-up or do a set-up).

Family Dollar didn't have what I needed, the office supply place downtown was closed, and I had to go all the way out to Office Depot. While there, I ordered an office chair for my dad (hope he doesn't read this before he gets it). I should have left and come back so I could work on my packages... plus, let me also say that I don't know what I'm going to do if they don't order more padded envelopes before the next time I need to ship out galleys. They haven't restocked in a month or more.

Anyway, get the packaging I needed, drove back across town to get home. I had 20 minutes to pack up a canvas (with padding), tape together two boxes and pack them with books, pack two envelopes, make 5 mailing labels and drive down to the post office. They were closing the doors for the day when I arrived at noon. I was so thankful they let me in.

I didn't get back to the bank in time, but I went in a few shops here in town for gift ideas, scouted ribbon at an estate sale, and took some replacement books to the shop we sell books. I even went to Walmart on a Saturday which is against my religion. I also went in Bealls. I don't know the last time I went in Bealls. It seriously may have been two years ago. I found nothing to buy.

I did find these shoes that I don't know why anyone in town would want or need. Maybe that's why all sizes were on the clearance rack.