Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!

This morning I needed to head over sort of early to assemble and cook the dressing to go with our turkey, but found myself sleeping until 9:30 AM. I guess since I wasn't getting up early to see what Santa brought me... I was catching up on sleep I've needed for oh so long. I got the weighted blanket I've been wanting today. If I had it last night, I may have slept through lunch. 

Normally, we wouldn't have turkey and dressing for Christmas lunch, but Mom, Dad and I had Whataburger for lunch on Thanksgiving. (That's a story I need to type up the post for. I am terribly behind and trying to catch up on my back posting. Lots and lots of back posting.) Since we didn't get our turkey and dressing then, we wanted it now. It was good, too. 

After hearing all about how Paige is running her school and how they will be missing her when she graduates in May, we sat down for gifts.

That round thing that looks weird in the picture is the lawn art sheep that I got for my mother. I should have taken a better picture of it.

I caught Peyton making this face when she didn't know. Her "in thought" look. That let me to a many faces of Peyton series. Some she knew I was getting, and some not-so-much.

Paige had warning after laughing at Peyton, so she was all smiles.

 It was a pretty tame day. A good day. I hope yours was too!