Maybe I'll just leave it up until Easter

My usual approach to putting up a Christmas tree is that if it isn't up for a solid month, it's not worth putting up. I didn't finish mine until the 11th (explanation on yesterday's post). 

It only took two days instead of three to get it up this time. I went pretty fast. However, it just won't be up for long. There's two weeks until Christmas, and I won't even see it on the weekends, hopefully, since it's up in the office. Same for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. If I could pull it into the closet decorated, I would. It's a little too wide. 

I meticulously arranged the ornaments just so, but you can't really see them on this end of the room. There's no light on that side of the room, so you can't really see what is on the tree. With the purple glow, it's hard to see colors. The flash helps though. 

I do have to add that I like it upstairs in the office vs. downstairs.