The Queen of Procrastination

Even though I've been a real Scrooge, maybe even a Grinch regarding the holiday season, I really don't want to be. 

I did break down and put up my Christmas tree. I wasn't really determined to do that. I needed to do it to realize the change of seasons. Nikki and I talked about this the other day. 

With being busy and tired, I thought I might not make my Christmas treat bags. After all, I wasn't teaching class on the Sunday before Christmas. However, I bought the stuff and decided I would.
So, that's what I needed to do today. Do my annual treat bags for the kids in my class and anyone else that wanted one.

First, I really needed to finish boxing up the last set of books stacked up on the kitchen table. Then I needed to make sure I cleaned all my kitchen surfaces because of all the book dust and spray paint glitter that had been all over the place. That was all before making three kinds of treats. 

I should have gotten started early on my Saturday, at least by lunch, right?

Wrong. Well, right, I should have, but did I do it? No.

I poked around the house because it's Saturday and I could. I did bother with straightening my hair, took a gift to a friend, then headed out of town around lunch because I am getting worse and worse about procrastinating in every area of my life. I needed to finish Christmas shopping. 

I went to Tex-Scapes (a garden center for my mom), Lowe's, Hobby Lobby, an antique store, Sonic (because shopping makes me thirsty), Belk, JC Penney (to look for leggings for the dress I bought at Belk for myself), Home Depot, back to Lowe's and Target. 

I got back into town, got me something to eat, procrastinated some more, checked the remaining books off of inventory, boxed them up, took books out to the laundry room, washed down my kitchen table and counters, and started making treat bags at 9 PM. I started with the pretzels, moved on to the peanut clusters and rolled peanut butter balls late unto the night. 

Then, I got everything bagged up and ready to take to church. 

That means I probably got to bed at what, 3 AM? I may put things off, but I get most productive late at night. I need to figure out how to get motivated and do my best work at 9 AM-1 PM, not 9 PM - 1 AM.