I don't have piles upon piles of mess... except in the craft room

There isn't piles and piles of stuff on tables. 

There aren't signs waiting to be glued or with glue drying. 

There aren't 12 bins of books that had to be sorted and reboxed in the boxes they belonged in. 

There aren't orders to be shipped off. 

There aren't leaves in the floor that need to be vacuumed up from bringing stuff in and out of the house.

There is a pair of shoes that need to be taken to the closet, but that's just one pair. 

There are a few Christmas decorations that need to be put away.

The hoard of books that had been stacked down the staircase has dwindled down into one small bookshelf in the corner.

It looks practically empty in here. 

The room could use a good dusting. There are plenty of dust bunnies.

Maybe it will stay this way for a while.

...Don't go looking in the craft room though. There's a path to walk in, but there are stacks of things I keep dumping out there. That's one of the next things on the list...

I think I'm going to have to take down the Christmas tree upstairs ahead of that.