It looks like a hoarder lives here, seriously

The first of the boxes to come back to my house from the craft trailer were boxes of cut books. All 14, 15, however many boxes there were.

For the last few shows, we brought are extras to make sure we had enough. After all, being in Houston, it's not like you were going to meet anyone later or be able to bring any back the next day of a two-day event. So, all the books came back because I was trying to dig through some of them for orders. I also needed to fill in some holes with certain letters at the shop we work with here in town.
Because I was ready to get home after the last show, I told Dad to just hurry up and pack the books, and I would sort later. That means after the two boxes of A-E, none of the alphabet are in the right boxes. I didn't realize he was that far from being packed up. 

We don't want to take all those boxes next time because we don't need 22 W's to start with. I needed to pull some extras back out. I also wanted to double check my inventory lists. However, I haven't been motivated, in the mood, or have the energy to get them sorted out. I've hit my wall.

Finally, I sorted by letter. Then, they've sat for days. So not only did I have all these stacks of boxes, I have all these out on the table. I have got to clean up this mess. I have to. If I don't Hoarders: Buried Alive is going to show up at my house. Usually my hoard is more organized than this. 

Speaking of hoards, I bought $75 worth of RIBBON at an estate sale last weekend. The sale had some merchandise from a fabric store and I went in on half price day. It's on spools way too big for my ribbon rack. I know I'll use it, but still. Hoard. Ribbon. Books. Yarn. MDF shapes. All the canvases I bought for Seuss canvases when for some reason those started selling slower, then my Seuss book hoard.

My house is a stinkin' mess!