Saturday, August 31, 2013

Entertaining Miss Peyton

I would say that I didn't know what was up with Peyton yesterday, but what was up is that I played into one thing and got sucked into something bigger.

Today was Mom's birthday, so she and Dad went out to pick up the girls and bring them into town so they could spend the day. Paige wouldn't let Peyton use a certain tool in the yard, so Peyton's feelings were sort of her. The "mean ol' Paige" thing.

I told her I would take her with me to get a bag of chips at my house since we needed them to go with our lunch a little later.

Well, that was it. Stuck like glue.

We went to get the chips, then to an estate sale where we bought this hen shaped cookie jar as birthday present, "just from ME and YOU, not from Paige." Oh, we saw a guy washing his airplane (minus the wings) at the car wash on the way.

Because I got my hair cut last week, Peyton decided she wanted me to take her to get hers cut. OH, how she begged. I told her that getting a walk-in appointment anywhere worth going would be really hard, especially on a Saturday, not to mention a Saturday on a holiday weekend. She even did a web search of who might be open on a Saturday from my phone.

Later we had to go back to my house for something else, back to my parents' for lunch. (Yes, that's a votive candle on an ice cream sandwich. Back to my house "because I'll even go to the grocery store as long as I get to go with you" to give her a manicure with special tiny sea creatures on one hand and dots on the other. More begging about the hair. To the grocery store to buy stuff to make cupcakes since she said she was willing to go to the store. We artfully made cupcakes (with food coloring swirls inside), then, back to my parents where Brian joined us for dinner.

I could barely stay awake to work on my lesson for in the morning because I was so worn out by the time the night was over.

Chances are that now, I'll be going out to her house swimming with her tomorrow. I predict no nap.

Friday, August 30, 2013

That's the way to start a holiday weekend!

With maybe an exception or two, I finished off everything I planned to do this week for work. And look at this number of emails in my inbox!

About 25 of the ones left have been in my inbox forever as "research when you get a chance." You know how those go.

And with that...

Let the weekend begin!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

It looks like I have a fall schedule

I was just sitting here looking at the Mildred 7th grade volleyball (Paige is playing) and football (Paige is cheering) schedules. Aye carumba!

Volleyball on Mondays and football on Thursdays. I hate football, but I'd like to see Paige cheer.

Yeah, I'm not going to be able to make all the out of town games that my dad will want to make (and will want someone to go with him). He's retired and that will be good for him, but the volleyball games start at 4:30 and football at 5:00 regardless of home or away.

I can set the alarm earlier and start working earlier to get off earlier for home games. But even at that, I'll be scrambling to get my work hours in before having to leave the office 30 minutes before start time to get there on time. I get stressed thinking about scrambling 2 days a week for the whole fall.

So, I'm making the decision now: I'll be the best supportive aunt I can be, but my awesomeness status may get knocked down a level.

Last night at church, Collin told me I needed to come watch him play football. Have I mentioned that I hate football? I told him I'd have to see since his jr. high games probably fall on the same days as Paige's cheering. I sadly told him Paige's schedule trumped.

His mom thinks I need to come because only if he knew I was watching would he play to his full potential. YEAH... I'm going to bring out his best. Not so sure about that.

All I know right now is that if I have to go watch all this football, football weather better be coming soon. I can't handle watching in 100 degree weather.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Is anyone even going to be interested in this when I finish?

Over the past week, I've gotten back into crocheting again. I've picked back up on the project I keep revisiting.

I plan to try to sell a couple of my projects when I finish them this time, but I'm not convinced anyone will be interested.

My inspiration is a quilt my great grandmother made (it's made of hexagons of different colors). However, I'm not sure if it has too many colors in it. I started with a color palette that keeps expanding. I should have kept it at more muted colors.

My question for you my readers is A) does anyone actually like it and B) if so, how big should I be making it (lap afghan for the couch, queen overlay, king overlay)?

Once I finish the hexagon one, I also have one like this except with squares in the works too.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The reveal...

Most of you have probably seen this on Facebook. This is the new haircut.

I was having issues with my phone getting my whole head in the picture.
Yea webcam!

When I showed my stylist the picture of what I was thinking of, she got excited. I guess because I could finally show what I was thinking of. She was so excited to chop, chop, chop! I'd never seen her so giddy. ;)

But, I can assure you, it won't look like this again. For one, I don't blow dry. I told you a few days ago I was low maintenance. I can handle the curling iron to get the curls.

I stopped by my mom's office on the way home just to show her what it was supposed to look like since she wouldn't get to see it look like that again.

Monday, August 26, 2013

What is this, a job interview? An audition?

You've read about my friend Angie before. Oh, and her son Deacon. Well, a few weeks ago on our way to one of our Girls Night Outs, Angie said, "you've never been over to our house."

I replied that none of my friends ever invited me over that people just came to my house. This is partially true, but a slight exaggeration when it comes to some of my friends. Completely true of some others, but that's not the point.

Angie said we needed to make plans for dinner once I got back from vacation. Last week, I was sick as a dog, so tonight was the night.

One night last week, Angie was amused by the fact that her husband Joey and I were both commenting on the same things on Facebook while watching the Ranger game. Having only met Joey once at one of Deacon's t-ball games (I went to watch Deacon and Layton), we weren't friends on Facebook up to this point, but became friends so we could find out what was amusing Angie so much. Angie did warn that Joey defriends on Facebook for the fun of it, so our "friendship" may not last.

Well, tonight was evidently my big audition as to whether or not I get to stay on the friend list. As we sat down for dinner, after a semi-awkward silence, the questions began.

"So who is your favorite Ranger player? If it took you longer than 5 seconds, you must not be a fan."

"How about football? You're going to have to like football."

UH... why? Why am I being tested?

I say all this because I know that Angie is likely reading this and laughing her head off at the whole experience.

He also MAY be stalking me on Facebook to make some interesting comments on all my posts. MAY be. He was during dinner anyway. So if you see some eyebrow raising comments, that's who is posting them. \:|

Oh, and their dog didn't like me. I'm not usually a dog person, but evidently, I scared the daylights out of Diesel. Get away from Audra. Hide behind Angie.

I'm pretty sure Joey was ready to kick me out because of how much I was stirring Deacon up. I've already passed Deacon's tests. We're tight. He gets up in my lap to play his iPad or wants me to chase him around the house. He even wanted to know if I was taking him home. What was really hilarious were my monster noises that startled him while he was practicing with his bow and arrow (with suction cup end). Let's just say he ended up way off target. Way.

Angie and I got the biggest kick out of it. She and I also went on a late night ice cream run. You can't beat that!

...Even if I do get unfriended on Facebook after the whole experience.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Things you normally don't ask your waitress to do

There's a reason why we don't take my brother anywhere. ;)

After church today, my parents, brother, nieces and I went to lunch. We veered from our normal Mexican food place for lunch (that we go to after church with some friends) because service got so bad, and like Uncle Si, we decided that we all needed to bring our own gallon of tea with us because we had to collectively do the wave to get the waiter's attention and get a refill.

Evidently, we should have done the same today. Of the 6 of us, three got water and the other three got unsweet tea. Dad and Brian complained about the tea not tasting right. Mom suggested it was possibly the water, but Paige and I thought the water tasted like water.

"It tastes like sink water," both girls asserted.

I believe most people call it tap water, but I would agree.

A few minutes later, the waitress comes by to check on us. My brother is nothing if not blunt and to the point.

"What's wrong with the tea?" he snarkily asked.

Well, Brian, you are the one drinking it. You might be able to describe it better. Mom again mentions the water, but the water is still not bad.

The waitress is caught a little off guard, but not as much as she was when Brian told her to taste it as she started collecting Brian, Dad and Peyton's glasses to get them something else.

At first the waitress didn't know what to do. She moves the straw out of the way, tells my dad, "I'm going to pour this out anyway when I'm done," then takes a drink.

She immediately understood what they were saying. She gathered the staff in the back and told them there was indeed something wrong with that tea. A few minutes later, she was back with freshly brewed tea.

The whole thing is really not about bad tea, but the spot the waitress was put in. I sure wouldn't have expected her to drink out of a customer's glass. I wouldn't. Paige and I were entertained at the look on her face after the request tough. Paige and I don't think this situation was discussed in waitress training.

I think the moral of the story for next Sunday is the Si Robertson theory... BYOT

Ironically, Brian was in a rush as always and I was all about taking a nap afterwards.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

In need of a makeover

I've always been a low maintenance girl. However, this summer even brushing my hair has become a chore. Honestly, some days I don't really. Man, I'm a lazy slob.

A) I work from home, so no one sees me.

B) Some weeks I only get out of the house for church.

C) It's hot! All my hair is up off my neck, away from my face and doubled-up in a bun or some sort of mess.

D) To straighten my thick, curly mass of hair, my straightening iron has to be really hot, and I don't want to sweat while doing my hair right now.

E) Even when I straighten it, at some point during the day, it ends up in a ponytail.

I've been saying I was waiting until it was cooler to get my mane tamed because I have to have it all up. Well, I'm done with being a lazy slob. Next week, inches will go. Cut, layered, thinned. 

This past week, I went perusing on Pinterest for ideas. Still not sure. Bangs? No bangs? I don't want anything that takes much work though. However, the ever present ponytail needs to go.

Stay tuned!

I went to bed with it wet and down. This day, I did not brush it. Brushing it would have made it bushy. Really bushy.
With it straightened, it makes a pretty ponytail, but it's still a ponytail.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Southern delicacies

My boss Amy, the owner of Litfuse Publicity Group, is more than a bit of a foodie. If you were to scroll through her Facebook, Pinterest or blog, you'd find lots pictures of food from restaurants she's gone to or recipes she has tried out at home. In these pictures, you would find culinary endeavors you've probably only seen on Food Network's Iron Chef America. Her husband owns a food tour company in Seattle, White Moustache Urban Adventures, so they go places and try foods way outside the comfort zone of most of us.

I'm the complete opposite. You know me. I lament about cooking for one. I blog about making the world's most disgusting potato soup. I barely keep the most basic of ingredients in my kitchen for the rare occasion that I do actually cook.

However, I'm the one that leads some of the most interesting food conversations in our little company. I'm the one that introduces some of the simplest foods to the group.

This week's discovery... the pimiento and cheese sandwich. 

Yes my friends, you heard me correctly. The pimiento and cheese sandwich. Not even a homemade variety at that.

One day this week (all my days have run together lately... I blame it on being a hermit), I made the comment, "I'm going downstairs to make a pimiento and cheese sandwich."

I'm not even sure why I told what I was going to eat. I sure didn't find what I was going to eat strange although I don't buy pimiento and cheese spread at the store very often. On a whim now and again. As I told my mom when relaying this story, only once in a blue moon, and there actually was a blue moon this week.

It's when I say this that my two co-workers who are under 25 and from the states of Indiana and Ohio originally (and now live in Nebraska) ask me what that is as they do not know what this is. "Well, it's pimientos and cheese... on a sandwich."

I mean, if you make the stuff from "scratch" it's only 4 ingredients, pimientos, cheese, mayonnaise and bread. I don't really like the homemade version myself because it can be too tangy, but I digress.

At this point, Caitlin says it must be a southern thing. I throw out a comment about Yankees. (Jokingly and lovingly, of course. Remember... I'm from Texas and anyone who lives north of the Red River is a Yankee, including some of the people from states touching the Mason Dixon line to the south.)

I had to take a picture to show them what my sandwich looked like.

I never thought about it, but it is indeed a southern thing, evidently. I just never thought about anyone not knowing what P&C was. The most popular brand in stores is Price's, and if I heard the story, and remember it correctly, the guy that sold the recipe to Price's lives on the lake about 30 minutes away from my house.

Another co-worker who knew what a pimiento and cheese sandwich was thought that pimiento was a kind of cheese. It is actually a kind of pepper you buy in a little jar already all chopped up. Obviously, her mom or grandmother didn't make it themselves when she was growing up.

It's certainly no delicacy, and it's not even really that great, but it was a food lesson this week.

If I were to try out for The Next Food Network Star, which I won't because I don't cook, my show would be to introduce people to simple foods that people of a certain region would never imagine to be a delicacy or unheard of in other parts of the country or world. Or maybe I would just school Yankees on the south! ;)

All this talk of southern food makes me hungry for Chicken and Dumplin's and some fried okra. I need to get those Omaha girls down south for some Cracker Barrel!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The sites to see

Most of my vacation pictures are usually architectural or landscape.

And animals... I get random animals. I didn't get a squirrel this time, and didn't upload my ducks. I always get ducks.

Here are some of my favorites in no particular order than how they uploaded. 

The infamous dock Jase tried to flood on Duck Dynasty.

Union Station in Nashville

Church in Nashville

Ryman Auditorium in Nashville

Antique Archeaology in Nashville

Union Station clock tower

Frist Museum

Another church in Nashville

Nashville's first public school

Loved the colors of the Ferris Wheel in Pigeon Forge. This doesn't do justice.
I think Ferris Wheels are just cool to take pictures of anyway.

Chapel near our cabin.

Near the aquarium in Gatlinburg

Inside the aquarium... you kind of have to look close, don't you.

From the Smoky Mountain National Park road between Gatlinburg, TN and Cherokee, NC.


At a mill shop in Cherokee, NC

Cherokee, NC

Old Mill in Pigeon Forge, TN

DEER!!! It was kind of funny everyone stopping to take a picture of the deer. We stopped to ask a park ranger something before driving through. 

The clouds at Cade's Cove


Inside the Gaylord

A rocket at a rest stop in Alabama

GOATS on a ROOF!!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Vacation smiles!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from vacation. This first installment has people in each picture.
If you know me, I take a lot of pictures of architecture, etc. Those will come tomorrow!

A Paige selfie taken on a rooster on the carousel at Dollywood.
Paige and Peyton taking pictures of themselves while I was driving down the road.
The Gaylord Hotel 
Outside the Grand Old Opry.
Peyton shocked at all the food on her plate at The Old Mill in Pigeon Forge.
Ready for the 5D ride.
Riding the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel.
We were trying to recreate a picture while on the Ferris Wheel. #fail

My parents at the Pancake Pantry in Gatlinburg.
Peyton at the Aquarium in Gatlinburg.
Peyton found Nemo.
So did Paige!
5000+ feet and about 0 visibility
Antique Archeaology of American Pickers fame in Nashville.
Our cabin, Hibernation Station! 
Feeding goats at Goats on the Roof 
Peyton thought she was going to be left homeless on a street corner in Nashville while Paige and I went for the truck.
Duck Dynasty!