Why is there even a need for this week's The Bachelorette?

Given Brooks walking off the show last week, I don't even know why there is an episode of The Bachelorette this week. Ratings. How dare I even ask? They could have easily made it one show.

So, now, how will the other guys take it? We shall see. At the end of three hours, at the end of After the Final Rose, we'll get to see what loser who the next Bachelor will be. Two words, I hope. Juan Pablo.

First off, a confession to Chris Harrison that she just wants to go home now. You know she can't possibly choose anyone else without the men knowing that he was second choice.

Yet she will carry on! (Cue music - not really, but I hear the song by Fun.)

At the rose ceremony, she tells Drew and Chris if they don't want to stay to be truthful. She says she has taken each relationship on it's own, but the guys can tell she is not happy about this. I might just at this point say "screw it" if I were them. However, they both accept a rose.

Des decides she wants one more date with each of the guys before her parents meet them.

Something doesn't feel right with Drew as they ride horses to the beach. She's not feeling excited. I wonder why? She's trying to figure out how to tell Drew she is not as madly in love as he is proclaiming he is. Here she is bawling her eyes out because she doesn't know if she can see their futures together.

"I guess I have to thank you for being honest," he says. "You don't have to be sorry for not being in love with me. I'd want you to be as in love with me as I am with you." Drew graciously tells her good bye and heads off with her tears all over his shirt.

He's crushed. Now he is distraught. He didn't see this coming. He didn't see leaving the show without her. Oh my goodness this episode is so depressing. He doesn't get it. She's the most amazing woman he's ever met. He needs to get out more. So much more.

Now is it time to kick Chris off too? He tells her that it was very hard to watch her crying at the rose ceremony before confessing his love for her on a boat. With a note. Will it float? I feel a poem coming on. This time, it melted her heart instead of making her cry. That's a good sign, I think.

She's hopeful. One of her catch phrases for the season.

That evening she is so glad she decided to stick it out. He is awkwardly talking about how he thinks she has made some good decisions. He gives her a journal. It gets sappy. All the poems are in there.

Now she is talking about how great he is and she's bawling again. "I almost feel guilty. How could I have not loved him from the beginning."

You just want something too bad.

And all the cuts and discussions with the viewers and former bachelors and bachelorettes in the audience waiting for the after show is just a waste of time.

And now, Des' parents and brother get to meet Chris. Brother asks a lot of questions. And asks what how he would feel if she chose the other guy that's still left. Des has to try so hard to say, "there's not another one."

Chris asks permission to propose and her dad said yes. He's not going to let brother have a say.

However, when Chris leaves, Nate does ask Des what she really thinks since he knows she has been into Brooks.

Chris goes to pick out a ring, and the one he picks looks very CZ.

And Chris still doesn't know that Drew isn't there.

She says she still doesn't know what she is going to do when Chris gets there. Kind of ridiculous.

When he met Des he cheesed it up by getting down on one knee to tie his shoe. This time he is serious!

As he starts to get down, she tells him not to say anything and pulls him up. He can barely look at her.

Des tells Chris that she's already sent Drew home and that he is the only one to have met her family. She confesses that she's been torn between Chris and Brooks the entire journey. She felt blind-sided by her feelings for Brooks and couldn't see Chris right in front of her.

Then, he gets to get on one knee and proposes, after she gives him permission.

Now, onto After the Final Rose. We listen to Des talk in circles like she has the whole series.

Brooks doesn't know how the season ended, but he is first up to talk about what happened. He's nervous and watching it back was tough. A lot of feelings have resurfaced. What feelings? Regret? Embarrassment? Then, he rattles on for a while. Have I mentioned how boring the whole night has been?

Then, Des tells him she's engaged to Chris. Brooks says he is not surprised.

Has Drew's heart healed? He didn't see anything going in that would clue him off other than the rose ceremony where she was so upset about Brooks.

He asked her when she knew and if he was always behind the other relationships. She says she tried not to compare relationships, but just look at where she was in each relationship and where it progressed. How does that even work?

Oh, but Drew isn't in love with her anymore. He looks even more baby-faced now than he ever did before. Poor thing is just like a puppy.

Chris finally comes out with his fiance. He is such a dork. Then, they make us all watch the proposal again since they haven't watched it before.

What now? She's moving to Seattle.

And, we can't be without another poem. It is framed with the dried roses from each of the rose ceremonies that she gave him. He kept them. And he uses a line from a current song "like a drum, my heart won't stop beating."

The big announcement of the night... the next Bachelor will be Juan Pablo! Yea!

Three hours to get past the boredom of the night.