It looks like I have a fall schedule

I was just sitting here looking at the Mildred 7th grade volleyball (Paige is playing) and football (Paige is cheering) schedules. Aye carumba!

Volleyball on Mondays and football on Thursdays. I hate football, but I'd like to see Paige cheer.

Yeah, I'm not going to be able to make all the out of town games that my dad will want to make (and will want someone to go with him). He's retired and that will be good for him, but the volleyball games start at 4:30 and football at 5:00 regardless of home or away.

I can set the alarm earlier and start working earlier to get off earlier for home games. But even at that, I'll be scrambling to get my work hours in before having to leave the office 30 minutes before start time to get there on time. I get stressed thinking about scrambling 2 days a week for the whole fall.

So, I'm making the decision now: I'll be the best supportive aunt I can be, but my awesomeness status may get knocked down a level.

Last night at church, Collin told me I needed to come watch him play football. Have I mentioned that I hate football? I told him I'd have to see since his jr. high games probably fall on the same days as Paige's cheering. I sadly told him Paige's schedule trumped.

His mom thinks I need to come because only if he knew I was watching would he play to his full potential. YEAH... I'm going to bring out his best. Not so sure about that.

All I know right now is that if I have to go watch all this football, football weather better be coming soon. I can't handle watching in 100 degree weather.


Thomas said…
What does aye carumba mean in whatever language it's in?