Are we there yet?

This is the much anticipated vacation week. I'm with my parents, Peyton and Paige.  Paige is going to be our guest blogger along the way. 

Take it away Paigey!

(Oh, and these are the photos that I could upload from my phone. I may post more pictures later on.)

Friday: Nuggets 

So pumped for this week! Our vacation has begun with Peyton writing down things to the second, licenses tag in hand, Gramal has the wheel, and we were all packed and ready! 

It is hot in Texas of course, 103 to be exact! First potty stop would be at 5:09, first do right in Trinidad, and then I-20 at 5:33. Louisiana at 6:40 and then another rest stop were we sat at the picnic tables and ate some supper. Then we were on the road again!! With Audra driving and me at shot gun we were off. 
Today I learned that Pops knows all about 1957 like the Milwaukee line up that year but he can't remember what he had for lunch. At 9:36 the whole car broke out into The Star Spangled Banner... that's what you get I guess. A little pit stop in West Monroe for a late night Frosty's at Wendy's. I kept Audra awake by doing a play by play broadcast of the Rangers. We hit Mississippi at 10:11 and finally made it to Holiday Inn and Express in Jackson, MS After we got all settled in we closed to the first day of our vacation!!!

Saturday: Duh

Start the day off by a continental breakfast. At 8:15 we were back on the road. Starting it off with Peyton taking a siesta. Before crossing the border a bunch of national guards came by!!! Made it to Alabama at ten and stopped at the next rest stop to do our business. Then at lunch time we stopped at Cracker Barrel which was of course awesome!! 

We went through the very corner of Georgia and then finally made it to Tennessee!! Along the way a bad thunder storm was chasing us. The longest 2 hrs of my life and then YAY, Pigeon Forge!!!! Got checked in and then went up this windy road to get to our cabin... Hibernation Station! An awesome cabin with 2 stories, bunk beds, air hockey, pool, and a hot tub!! 

We got all settled at then had Fuddruckers for supper!!! For the final act of the day we went through a Jurassic Park ride that was da bomb digitity! Let me just say that will be hard to forget!