In need of a makeover

I've always been a low maintenance girl. However, this summer even brushing my hair has become a chore. Honestly, some days I don't really. Man, I'm a lazy slob.

A) I work from home, so no one sees me.

B) Some weeks I only get out of the house for church.

C) It's hot! All my hair is up off my neck, away from my face and doubled-up in a bun or some sort of mess.

D) To straighten my thick, curly mass of hair, my straightening iron has to be really hot, and I don't want to sweat while doing my hair right now.

E) Even when I straighten it, at some point during the day, it ends up in a ponytail.

I've been saying I was waiting until it was cooler to get my mane tamed because I have to have it all up. Well, I'm done with being a lazy slob. Next week, inches will go. Cut, layered, thinned. 

This past week, I went perusing on Pinterest for ideas. Still not sure. Bangs? No bangs? I don't want anything that takes much work though. However, the ever present ponytail needs to go.

Stay tuned!

I went to bed with it wet and down. This day, I did not brush it. Brushing it would have made it bushy. Really bushy.
With it straightened, it makes a pretty ponytail, but it's still a ponytail.