I am kinda wet

Paige's take on our vacation...

Sunday: WET Enough?

Woke up about 8 o'clock and got ready for church. Went to go eat at the Old Mill for breakfast. Tons and tons of food. Super neat place with muffins, biscuits, pancakes, french toast, eggs, sausage, grits, gravy, and OJ. 

Then we went to church on 120% full stomachs. Had a great service then we came back home to change. Well on the way back to town, we stopped about a mile from home to take pics and Peyton slips and falls into the creek. Well, she as very wet, so we had to come back to get her all fixed back up.

Then we rode to Gatlinburg and drove around and got to do a Ripley's 5D movie! Super cool and fun. Then, off to Dollywood we go! We went straight to a little show. Well, it was super fun.
Then we decided let's do the log ride, nothing's stopping us, so the first time we walked straight on the ride and got mildly wet. Pops was soaked and Gramal was scared as a little kid. They let us go again. Gramal got off. Of course I didn't get wet going down it, but during it some water splashed up into my lap. My shorts were soaking the rest of the night no exaggeration.

With a story on its way, we rushed to the truck and got wet again. A pit stop at Sonic for a drink and ice cream cone. Lumber Jack Feud would be our night activity. Amazing dinner and a show. Go McGraws!!! Grilled chicken and axes are great combos. 

Back to Hibernation Station we go! With some late night hot tubbin' and ping-pong. We ended our first full day in Tennessee.

I would like to add that Paige did not share the line of the night... Peyton talking about our "hot waiter." She meant hot as in sweaty, but that's not what it sounded like when she said it. We thought she had a thing for the waiter.