What is this, a job interview? An audition?

You've read about my friend Angie before. Oh, and her son Deacon. Well, a few weeks ago on our way to one of our Girls Night Outs, Angie said, "you've never been over to our house."

I replied that none of my friends ever invited me over that people just came to my house. This is partially true, but a slight exaggeration when it comes to some of my friends. Completely true of some others, but that's not the point.

Angie said we needed to make plans for dinner once I got back from vacation. Last week, I was sick as a dog, so tonight was the night.

One night last week, Angie was amused by the fact that her husband Joey and I were both commenting on the same things on Facebook while watching the Ranger game. Having only met Joey once at one of Deacon's t-ball games (I went to watch Deacon and Layton), we weren't friends on Facebook up to this point, but became friends so we could find out what was amusing Angie so much. Angie did warn that Joey defriends on Facebook for the fun of it, so our "friendship" may not last.

Well, tonight was evidently my big audition as to whether or not I get to stay on the friend list. As we sat down for dinner, after a semi-awkward silence, the questions began.

"So who is your favorite Ranger player? If it took you longer than 5 seconds, you must not be a fan."

"How about football? You're going to have to like football."

UH... why? Why am I being tested?

I say all this because I know that Angie is likely reading this and laughing her head off at the whole experience.

He also MAY be stalking me on Facebook to make some interesting comments on all my posts. MAY be. He was during dinner anyway. So if you see some eyebrow raising comments, that's who is posting them. \:|

Oh, and their dog didn't like me. I'm not usually a dog person, but evidently, I scared the daylights out of Diesel. Get away from Audra. Hide behind Angie.

I'm pretty sure Joey was ready to kick me out because of how much I was stirring Deacon up. I've already passed Deacon's tests. We're tight. He gets up in my lap to play his iPad or wants me to chase him around the house. He even wanted to know if I was taking him home. What was really hilarious were my monster noises that startled him while he was practicing with his bow and arrow (with suction cup end). Let's just say he ended up way off target. Way.

Angie and I got the biggest kick out of it. She and I also went on a late night ice cream run. You can't beat that!

...Even if I do get unfriended on Facebook after the whole experience.