Home and Happy, Happy, Happy about it!

Our final day! Paige sums it up for us.

Got up about 8 and went down for breakfast. Then once again we were BACK on the road. Made it to West Monroe to see Duck Commander about 10:30 which was totally awesome. WE got some great souvenirs and pics.

Then we drove on which felt like years to find somewhere to eat. WE just kept pushing and pushing to go a little farther.

Finally to Texas baby!! Once the pushing stopped we ended up going to Sonic in Longview, TX. That satisfied our stomachs. 

Finally back home about 3:40 were mom and dad who met us. We told them all our crazy stories.

About 2100 miles covered and tons of memories made. We came close to almost an exact 7 day vacation (to the minute!).  Lots of laughter and troubles (the hill) it all couldn't of fit!! Overall this has been a great vacation and I will never forget it!!

Oh, she didn't tell you about the hill! I don't want to talk about me trying to back the truck down the hill to turn around the day we first got out to the cabin. 

We came back through West Monroe just to go to Duck Commander. It may have been the longest route, but honestly seemed shorter than it would have been going Nashville to Memphis to Little Rock to Dallas which we would have done otherwise from Nashville.

I was so exhausted when I got home that I spent the evening napping on the couch (after watching the episode of Duck Dynasty we missed this week because the hotel didn't have A&E). It was fun, but a weekend to recover will be nice before working Monday.