6 Degrees... I can beat that!

To add to the wackiness of yesterday morning, I checked Twitter and found that I had a new follower. I often wonder about the practicality and real purpose of Twitter, yet, I tweet. I'm beginning to second guess this now.

Last week, I commented in the idiocy of Coach from Survivor this season. Whether it is indeed the real Coach or not, Coach is following me on Twitter.

#1 the guy creeps me out
#2 that's sort of cyber-stalkish-y
#3 it's even more disturbing to me that he might comment on this blog
#4 I sure hope he gets voted off this week.

As soon as I find this information, I yell for Tracy McCarter to come see. (I name drop her full name just so that she can Google herself. Go for it Tracy!) She was quite amazed as was Rick. Vicki thought it was scary. (There - shout outs to the whole B&B staff that watches Survivor.)

So, here's my question of the day... actually my questions of the day are... Who is your most famous Twitter follower? Who is the most famous person you follow? Do you personally know the most famous person you follow?