Savannah Comes Undone

Tonight I bring you a quick review of the book that I just finished reading - Savannah Comes Undone, the sequel to a book I reviewed a earlier this year. I decided to finish the book last night, but was so tired, I almost dozed off several times while I finished it. (#1 I wanted to accomplish something and #2 I wanted to start the book that I'm supposed to post on the week I'm out of town so that I might have a review done on time.) I ended up staying up too late and was really tired at work this morning.

Here's the back cover copy:

Seeing my mother as the lead story on the six o'clock news was no great cause for alarm...until the camera revealed her chained to a downtown monument!

I thought I knew my mother-but right now I'm not sure I even know myself. I'm currently a journalist for the Savannah Chronicle. And I don't need drama. Really, I can create my own. Who needs extra? But in spite of the mind-boggling events in Savannah this week, the truth is going to be revealed by one of its very own. I am Savannah...from Savannah.

Savannah Phillips is embarrassed by her mother Victoria pretty frequently since her mother is such a personality. Savannah doesn't quite know what to do with herself, or her mother, when Victoria chains herself to a monument of the Ten Commandments on the courthouse square.

The book follows a very hectic week for Savannah as she struggles with her next article, deals with everyone talking about her mom down on the square, tries not to be attracted to her co-worker, and deals with a week without her mother's awesome cooking. (The girl might just starve!)

Savannah also learns a lot about really becoming an adult and moving out on her own. Oh, and what her mom is really trying to prove with her time chained to the monument. (An ex-beauty queen, control-freak spending a week sleeping on a sidewalk in the same clothes! For shame!)

With lots of lively characters, Savannah Comes Undone was an enjoyable read, and I look forward to being entertained by the last book in the series, Savannah by the Sea. I just have a couple of books ahead of it on the list.

Visit author Denise Hildreth's website for more about the book and her writing process.