The good news is, there's nothing to report...

...the bad news is, there's nothing to report.

You will all be pleased to know there were no scenes made at last nights t-ball game to report. However, with nothing to report on that stage, there's nothing to report period.

Today was a pretty unproductive day other than picking up some things that I needed for vacation that I'm leaving for next week. Speaking of which, I'm leaving next Friday after work for a week. Anyone want to lend me a laptop so that I can blog from the road? I can guarantee some good stories...

My parents are going to be beat come tomorrow. Since it's our annual Friends Day at church tomorrow, Dad told Paige and Peyton that they could invite their friends Emalee and Macee to church and have a slumber party the night before. So, Paige, Peyton, Madison, Emalee and Macee are all over at their house tonight. I was over there for a while, played a heated game of Pictionary, and came on home. I can assure you that they have their hands quite full.

Here are a few t-ball and softball pictures that I'll share with you. Dad took the ones of Peyton and Madison (in the top picture) and I took the ones of Paige. I was doing the best I could while keeping score. I'll get better ones later on.