Battered, bruised and sleep deprived?

I'm tired. The first 24 hours of my weekend did not go as I had planned, not that I had any plans. When I left the office yesterday, I headed towards my parents house, but before I could get there, Mom called me to do her a favor and pick up Paige and Peyton from Julie's grandma's house.

When I drove up, Paige had headed out the door and jumped in my car, telling me that she was the only one coming. This didn't sound right to me, so I walked up to the door, and sure enough, Peyton was supposed to be coming along, but hadn't seen me drive up. Paige is not a convincing liar, and I'm not sure how long she would have strung me a long, but she had me for a time.

She was obnoxious on the ride home. Peyton was quiet and tells me at one point in a whisper from the back seat, "just don't talk to her."

Where Paige was nuts, Peyton was a bit clingy. I said something to Mom about not knowing what was up with Paige, and she answered, "They've been at their mom's for a couple of days." Mystery solved.

So last night, Peyton and I got a chance to play the Wii to ourselves. With a passionate golf swing, she sent the remote into the wall. I haven't really checked it out closely to see if there was a dent. There is a reason you are supposed to wear the wrist strap.

She decided instead of sleeping in the purple room by herself, she wanted in my bed with the TV. I warned her that in middle of the night, I was going to take out her earring. (She will not let anyone touch her ear. Last summer, she wanted her ears pierced so bad, and I took her. She was quite the trooper, but then someone told her it hurt to take them in and out. So, she has had one in and one out for months now.) She tells me she will stay up all night so that I can't do it.

Well, I reached over at one point, and should have just done it, but the back is so crooked, I don't know that I could. Anyway, I left her alone. On the other hand, I did not get left alone all night. Kick to the ribs. Foot to my head. Legs over my body (while she is perpendicular - her favorite position evidently). At one point in middle of the night, "Audra..." "Yes, Peyton?" "I can't reach the cover." I pull it up for her, and try to roll over to get a little room. At this point, she snuggles up behind me, and puts her arm around my neck. I was sharing my pillow on my side of the queen-size bed. Oh, my neck hurt from not being able to arrange my pillow and my body in a comfortable position. I shall enjoy the whole bed to myself tonight. I'm just spoiled living by myself.

I haven't yet examined the bruises that I am sure that I have.

Peyton wakes up this morning and says, "Audra... you didn't take out my earring."

"Peyton, you told me you didn't want me to - that you would stay awake all night so that I wouldn't do it."

"I wouldn't have done that because I was too tired."

"Yeah, I didn't think you would have."

"I wish you had taken out my earring."

Great googly moogly!

Paige called us to come over to Mom & Dad's. She wanted to play this Clue VCR game that we had put out for the garage sale. We had gotten it at a garage sale who knows 20-how many years ago, and we never actually played it. The instructions on the video were insane, and I convinced Paige it was too hard (she didn't like that).

We decided to come back over to my house to play the Wii. After two more wild swings from Peyton, slamming the remote into furniture, and the fact that I told Paige to quit tossing the remote to us, the button on the remote evidently got stuck because we could only swing at full power. We tried to shoot pool, but we couldn't get it to work right on THE main Wii remote. Did I mention there was a reason there was a warning to wearing the wrist strap?

Both were cranky, in need of a nap, and I thought (incorrectly) that someone was going to pick them up to take them home. We went back to my parents to get something they needed to take home. It was not time for them to go home yet, evidently.

Then, I had to play three rounds of Chinese Checkers, five games of the Clue board game and then I finally said I needed a break.

I love those girls to death, but they could run anyone ragged. I love spending time with them, but I wasn't expecting all of the quality time when I left the office yesterday. I had planned to get some things done around the house, but that didn't happen. I do need to go check my dryer and see if my sheets are dry. Then, I'll have to make up my bed. Maybe I'll just go sleep in the purple bed tonight.