Cautiously optimistic? Not so much.

My computer has been on awhile, during which time I've debated what tonight's blog would be about. Once I finally decided, I closed my eyes again and went back to my nap. (For some reason, on Monday evenings I get really sleepy and tend to doze off while watching TV.) I have to say though, I'm more optimistic at this point than I was when I decided what I was going to blog about.

"So get on with Audra!" I hear ya, I hear ya! So, off I go. Not sure how this is going to end because we are in the 9th inning of tonight's Ranger game.

When the Rangers started their season last Monday, the sports world (OK, just Texas fans) were full of hope. They kicked the Indians butt to open the year. The radio hosts and the fans calling in were sure this was a sign of great things to come. However, there was the gentle warning, "it is too early in the season to make a lot of predictions." Yes, I agree, the season was just 1/162nd through the season.

After two games, it was pointed out that the Rangers had not started off 2-0 for eight years. The radio announcers started to question their listeners, "What is more likely? The Mavericks win a playoff series or the Rangers going to the playoffs." Time has made me a cynic not only about life in general, but about the Rangers specifically. Are you seriously asking this question?

Three games. Three wins. The Rangers had not started off a season with three wins since 1996 - their first ever playoff season. Woooowwwhooo!!!

On Facebook, a radio host that I am friends with was lamenting the terrible start his Detroit Tigers were off too. I tell him that hopefully this boded well for my Rangers. He was also a Rangers fan, having lived in the area for several years. He assures me, the Rangers will do well this weekend.

In case you don't keep up, they lost three in a row in Detroit. Yesterday, they were up by 4 to lose by 2 after giving up 6 runs in one inning.

OK. I have to pause now. The Rangers were up 4-2 in this game to get down 10-4. Not good for us - thus my decision to blog about this. Now, we have John Blake pecked away to 10-9. I have to watch the bottom of the ninth. Be right back....

A leadoff double by Kinsler.

An almost home run by Michael Young (just a few more feet...).

Paige's Hammy trying to hard for another fly ball out.

Andruw Jones walks. (Put in Murphy to pinch run.)

Double steal - we'll take it, but I don't believe that Murphy was safe.

C'mon Marlon Byrd... save the day... strikeout.

While I congratulate you on the excitement and the accomplishment of starting off the season 3-0, I have to point out dear ol' dear Texas Rangers, you have now lost four in a row. No bueno!

I'm already annoyed 7/162nds into the season. Sigh!


Parkerchica said…
I love that you're such a baseball fan. That's a fun character trait.

When we go to the ballpark, it's more for the ballpark experience than the actual game.