The cure to what ails ya

Today I went for the Venti Caramel Frappachino at Starbuck's to go along with an attitude adjustment. Normally, that does wonders for my overall state of mind, but today, it failed. I must have built up an immunity.

Speaking of immunities, just because I had insomnia last night does not mean that I have the swine flu. That's just a random point, but I would like to go ahead and point that out.

Since I'm on the topic of immunities, Coach, who follows me on Twitter (oh, I've already told ya'll that), got immunity tonight. BOO!

I think it snowed last night around Rapid City, SD. This might be my first chance to see real, true snow fall. Not Texas snow fall. Not snow on the top of the mountains snow. That might be interesting.

Get ready for lots of pictures and lots of stories when I get back. I do have a few posts planned for while I'm gone, so stop by and see what I have to share.

I'm leaving town at 5:05 after work tomorrow, so I'm off to go really, seriously pack.