Oink? Is it the new boo?

You know what's insane? The swine flu.

I don't really know where to go from there. Maybe I should head on out of Texas now. South Dakota hasn't had any report cases yet, at least I don't think.

My dad has "vacationitis" this week. He says he's had a headache for a week and claims he has the flu. He does this before every trip. Mom and I just sit back and wait for him to get sick. And he's been really sick before some trips. This is truly a strange phenomena.

I must have stressed myself out today - I always do trying to check off a list before I head out of town. Always happens. I came home, slept an hour and a half on the chaise before getting up trying to figure out something to blog. (I figured I had to blog something since I wouldn't be able to access a computer to blog from the road next week.) I talked to much on the phone or something today. My throat feels a little off from talking, but I do not have the flu. I really need to go pack.

And pack warm, I might add. Mom just hopes that our pictures of Mt. Rushmore won't have snow on Abe Lincoln's nose.

We have no plans set for this trip, which is unusual for us. Dad wants to visit some cemetary up there - I think Calamity Jane is buried there. As well as some other famous western person. I've read so much trying to figure out what to do through Kansas and Nebraska on the way, that I don't know my Wild Bill from my anyone else.

What's odd is that we have become obsessed with cemeteries and Abe Lincoln on our last three vacations prior to this one.

Four years ago, we went to Chicago, stopping in Springfield to see Lincoln's house, his grave and all things the "Land of Lincoln" along the way.

Three years ago, we went to Washington DC. Arlington National Cemetery and the Lincoln Monument.

Two years ago, we went to Savannah and Charleston. We stopped in Vicksburg on our way for the night, got up and went through the national park which ends up in the cemetery, and of course get our Civil War lessons there as well as Savannah and Charleston. Do you know who was the President during the Civil War? Lincoln.

We didn't take a big trip last year, but at least we didn't visit a cemetery.

I need to go pack. I usually save all that for the night before, but I think I need to go get the suitcases down.