A question to other bloggers

Do you ever want to blog about something, but just can't because there is a chance someone that you don't want to see it might happen upon your post? After all, whatever you post is available for all the world to see.

I have something that I could certainly make into a hilarious post tonight, but there is a long story as to why I can't post about it at this time. Perhaps down the road I can the story.

It's really a shame though, because I'm coming up empty right now on things to post. I can verbally share with my co-workers tomorrow at the office, so remind me, and I'll tell you about it.

I guess I'll just share some absolute randomness now... Just some things I found funny, but not worth sharing on their own.

Paige spells phonetically, just like her dad did. Her version of pantyhose was painehous. (She has an accent to add to her phonetics too.) Instead of writing "Grandma", she writes "Granmal." A couple of weeks ago, she asks me, "does Grandma really not have an L on the end?" "No, I'm sorry Paige, it really doesn't." "Oh, well it does when I spell it." There you go.

The Rangers are currently up 12-3 at the end of four innings. They might actually break their 5-game losing streak tongiht. I was ranting again last night after I posted. Be glad you didn't get another piece of that last night. (Anyone else think Josh Lewin is a moron? The whole "Walker" "Texas Ranger" split screen last night was really, really stupid. I need Ranger fans on my blog to talk about such idoicracy.)

This story is for Tracy - today, she and I were in Jack 'n the Box, when an older, toothless man walks up to her and asks if she speaks Spanish. Then French. Then German. So, he asks her if she knows what this word in German means that is said 90% more of the time by women than men. (Yes, I realize that stat doesn't read correctly, but you have to realize who was stating the fact. Tracy said she noticed he reaked of alcohol.) I was trying not to pay attention, so he repeats the question to me, and also adds that this word is often accompanied by a certain hand gesture sort of like a wave, and I don't mean what you think I mean. I answer "whatever" which was the correct answer. So then, he goes on to say another word which I will not attempt to spell, but I happen to know is the word for "goodbye" thanks to having watched "The Sound of Music." I just answerd him so he would quit talking to me and tell me to keep guessing.

So, when he leaves, he walks by the table that Tracy and I were at and says it again, to which Tracy and I simultaneously say, "GOODBYE!" Tracy says she always attracts the wierodos. I told her it was because she was from Alabama.

More randomness... WARNING to anyone driving down I-45. Watch your speed. Good grief the Highway Patrol, Dallas County, Dallas PD were out enmasse yesterday in addition to all the other speed trap patrols. You know with the economy, their quota has increased. On Friday, I was passing someone around Rice, when a big Dodge truck (you know the guys that drive Dodge trucks are cocky enough to think they own the road) comes right up on my tail, and once I get past the car next to me going 76 MPH to get out his way, he speeds on past me. Thankfully, I was able to slow down before getting up to the Rice police car ahead. Oh, so many times I have wished the cops would catch the guy riding my tail then wrecklessly going ahead. I took great joy when the Rice police pulled him over up ahead. Mom and I waved as we went past. I wouldn't have wished the Rice police on anyone but this one guy. Reminder to self for tomorrow - put on the cruise control.

OK, I've typed enough for tonight just to be able to post something for today. Until tomorrow...


Audra Jennings said…
Thanks Misha! I should have known you would be able to give me the proper spelling.