Short on insanity

I was going to post something (I'm not sure what) last night, but after I turned my computer on, I had to turn it off because there was a thunderstorm and thought it was the responsible thing to do.

Tonight, I'm trying not to take too much time because Peyton decided to make tonight her "BY MY-SELL-F" night. We played mini-golf on the Wii (her Wii that's been over here for quite a while now), and she's had her bubble bath. She's yawning, and wants to play Cars on the computer. Once she starts yawning, she'll be out soon, so I don't want her to just have to sit and wait on me. I'll feel bad if she falls out asleep.

The main reason she came over here, I think, is because Paige went insane today. I don't know what got into her, but she was "a lying pants." She jumped in my car when I went to pick her up, and said Peyton wasn't coming. It's not like her to try to pull something like that. She's over at my parents house and will have to get up early to work the garage sale over there tomorrow. Better her than me.

My traffic report from yesterday on I-45 is that the police were out again. Here's my advice for whatever it is worth. DO NOT SPEED THROUGH THE GARRETT JURISDICTION if you Corsicana people decide to head north tomorrow.

I know this is uninspirational, but it's all I have time for. Peyton has asked me three times "are you almost done."