The wrong kind of attention

I had planned to do a lighthearted post tonight. I'll either do it later tonight, or I'll save it for tomorrow (sorry, Penny, I know I already gave you a tease).

Something is just really on my mind right this minute, and I want to get it out of my system.

I have certain people in my life that only call me when they want something. And they ALWAYS want something. They are the kind of people that most certainly receive, but never give. I have a hard time saying "no", so I usually give, knowing I shall never receive anything in return.

While I do understand 'tis better to give than to receive as a general rule, there becomes a point when enough is enough. I've come to that point with some people lately.

Then, there are some people that you hate to ask, but you know that they would do anything in the world for you. They are your "person" - kind of like Meredith and Christina on Grey's Anatomy. They put up with you regardless. Seriously!

If you have been watching Grey's lately, one of my friends has pulled an Izzy on me. NOT that serious, but not without its similarities.

She doesn't want anyone to give to her. She doesn't want any attention drawn to herself in contrast to many people I know. I don't take it personally, because I'm not the only person unaware of what's going on. Had it not been for the grapevine, I would have not be aware of it.

I just wish she was willing to receive.

Now, if she starts reading my blog, she's going to give me something, if you know what I mean...