Have you ever seen your momma go after someone?

Many people who have heard my real life stories about my family have said that it sounds like a soap opera. If Jerry Springer had been out at the softball fields tonight, it might have been an on location show.

I walked back up to the fields from the restroom before Paige's softball game and saw her mom aka "the psycho witch" speaking to my parents. I almost fainted from shock. I should have known it was not an amicable scene. As I approach, the ex-wife is yelling at the current wife or vice versa, and my two parents are sitting in between. I walk off with my fingers in my ears toward my brother, who asks, "WHAT?" I just shake my head.

A big scene with witnesses ensues because ex didn't know that any of the parents could order team t-shirts to match the kids. They didn't order for all of the parents - if they got them, they got them on their own. Now granted, I don't think anyone was real mature about the whole thing, and I'm glad that I was not around.

Somewhere along the way, after my dad asked her where his $20 was (the money my parents gave Paige for books that her mom ended up taking from her backpack), the ex makes some comment "and you call yourself Christians", my mom got up to start after her (and do what, I have no clue), but my dad had to pull her back. I don't know if that was before I walked up or after I walked off.

My mom tells me about this saying, "my dream almost came true - I wanted to choke her." My mom had a dream a few weeks ago that she choked the ex until she threw the $20 back at her. Mom has wanted to make some comment to her for two years. I kind of would find it funny to witness my mom tell her off. However, for everyone's sake, it would be best if the ex flies back off to wherever tomorrow (she's a flight attendant, not a witch on a broom). I really wonder what my mom would have done.

I was talking to Christi's brother today at the office, and he said that he didn't know that I was Brian's sister. I may not claim any of my family, other than Paige and Peyton, of course, by the second week of the softball season.

There may have been a few other people that wondered what on earth the deal was with Paige's friend Chloe. When she walked up, and when we left, she called me BaqBaq. Paige was explaining to her when I took pizza to school a few weeks ago that I was a BaqBaq (a chicken noise - Paige's first name for me). Her family probably thought, "what on earth is Chloe saying to this woman?" I think it's funny. Anyone who wants to call be BaqBaq can. Of course, at the softball fields, the Jennings family may be the strange people to stay away from.

Did I mention - the next tball game is tomorrow night?


Unknown said…
Sounds like one crazy event!