A woman is always prepared

You could say that this was an exciting morning in Corsicana, TX. When I went into work earlier than usual this morning at 7:30, it was raining just a little bit. Before long though, it started raining harder. The skies were getting darker. By around 8:30 or so, the weather sirens started sounding.

My comment was, "well, that's not good."

I kept working though. My office is the only one in the building without outside windows on and on the ground floor. No need to panic.

Tina and Nancy head downstairs, as well they should. They migrate to my office trying to decide the most inside office. Christi and Tracy come on in from across the hall. I don't know the last time that many people were in my office at once.

I look around and start to notice... with the exception of Tina, everyone brought their purses with them. After all, a woman is always prepared.

Granted, that's where their cell phones were, and Tina brought her cell phone on into the office as well. Once she called her husband, got the latest weather report, found out the two tornados had passed, they all dispersed with their purses, and it was back to work yet again.


Parkerchica said…
I left the purse but brought the graham crackers.