All my friends are baseball critics

If there are any guys out there looking for single women into baseball, I know a few. They would appreciate our knowledge.

What's really funny is that all my friends have a non-favorite player on the Texas Rangers.

Rachel came over to watch the game last night, Yu Darvish's debut. She actually missed the first inning where he gave up 4 runs. She was anti-Yu the whole rest of the game.

This morning, Rakia commented about Nelson Cruz. She's not a fan. Probably never has been. Doesn't like to listen to him. (Oh, ironically, I saw a video today of people making fun of not being able to understand him.) She blames the World Series loss on him.

I blame the World Series on Neftali "Not-So-Nifty Feliz." I intended to stop work early and watch his debut, but got caught up in a couple of things, and haven't been watching. I did go in the other room to see he's made it through 5 innings without giving up a run. He normally makes me nervous, so this is a great thing.

Now, Courtney. She's very anti-Josh Hamilton. Calls him a cry baby. Loves to bring up his complaints about the sun, his daytime lower hitting average and sensitive blue eyes. Don't get her started.

I really don't know who Jenny is anti. Except she texted me about being mad at the Dallas Mavericks and Lamar Odom. What exactly her thing is, I'm not sure. Maybe she has a Kardashian obsession. I'm really not sure.

Jenny can chime in and trash talk whoever the rest of us are bashing at the time.

Don't you want to go to a game with all of us?