An Easter Lesson

Here is your Easter lesson for the Saturday before Easter.

Do not wait until 6:45 PM on the Saturday night before Easter to go to the dollar store to buy Easter eggs for your rambunctious 5th grade Sunday school students.

They will have no eggs left, and the only candy left contains marshmallows. Hmmm... I wonder why?

I had to end up going to Brookshires where their candy really wasn't marked down and their eggs were not cheap, so I ended up spending over $10 for my Easter haul. And so that I wouldn't have to buy 48 eggs, I bought 20 with faces on them. Ugly, stupid faces. But, they match the personality of some of the kids, for sure.

I'm not sure these are the ones, but look something like this picture off of eBay I just Googled. I think mine are uglier.

Of course, I knew it was coming, but was going to not take anything until I decided today that I should.

I'll keep this in mind for next time.

I should have called my mom. She bought 48 earlier to hide for my nieces and nephew after lunch tomorrow. I haven't hid eggs in a log while, but that sounds like lots of fun.