Fun is such a relative term

Earlier this week, I sent a message to my friend Rakia asking if going to the original Starbucks on our trip to the Northwest would appeal to her. I said I thought it would be fun.

Her response was, "I wouldn't say fun...if it happens, it happens, but I wouldn't want to go out of my way..."

OK, so in all honesty, maybe it wouldn't be so much fun. Maybe it's one of those places I would go to say I've been. I've been to a lot of those kind of places on past vacations. Maybe I just don't know what a fun vacation is.

Let me share some of the things I have done over the past few years on vacation, besides the whole head lice eradication last year. (I can assure you, that was not a fun vacation.)

We'll make this part one of a series.


Since 2006 (the farthest back that I have digital pictures on my computer, I've been to Branson three times. And two of those times I went to the Butterfly Palace.

Mom and I also talked Dad into going up the tower at Shepherd of the Hills that is MAYBE 10 stories. Cry baby.

And we went on the Branson Belle that didn't even leave the dock that night. And my mother got picked to be a ventriloquist dummy on stage. Only after she told the guy that she had done it before did he let her off the hook. I was mortified.

WOW! We worked two jigsaw puzzles.

We went by Graceland just so that I could way we went by Graceland.

We went to the National Zoo after they put all the animals in for the night - or were in the process of doing so. The grounds are open until like 8, but they start putting the animals up at 5. I did not get to see the pandas. I don't even know what this is.

After making a big deal about eating crabs for months, my dad skipped the crabs, but I even put one on my head.

Wee stopped at the Kentucky border to see what was at the rest stop to see. A prison.

As close as I got to the capital in Denver on a business trip. I think I stayed within a 5 block radius of the convention center.

A quick three or four day business trip to New York. This is about all of Central Park I saw though we walked along the outside side walk. I saw a few things that made me feel like I had been to New York.

I dipped my big toe in the bay in San Diego since I really didn't get to see the Pacific Ocean except flying over it as we left the airport and turned around in the plane. Business trips do not make for fun adventures. My boss at the time dragged us shoe shopping though.

We made sure we made a side stop in Georgia to see a really large rock mound the Indians made of an Eagle. I almost got run over by a Winnebago with bad breaks when I made a quick turn into the place.

We specifically set out to find the Brer Rabbit statue in Eatonton, GA on the courthouse square. This is our biggest vacation joke to date because it was such a non-event. There are probably real rabbits bigger than this statue.

My mother is always looking for covered bridges. We went out of our way to find this one that wasn't even old. The local Holiday Inn didn't even know where it was. Ironically, 4 years later an author that lived in the area took a picture of this for his website. Thank goodness we found it. We tried looking for another one that we never found on a different trip.

We stopped by Georgia Military College just to see the school that our local college team plays and see how long of a trip it is.

Dad says that the only reason we took this particular trip was so that we could go to Paula Deen's restaurant.

We went to Cypress Garden's where my Dad's boss at the time had worked in high school. Just to say we went. Do you see the alligator?

We played mini golf in Hilton Head just to say we played golf in Hilton Head. We do play a lot of mini golf when we can find them. We played at night and this course didn't have many lights. Darkest game of non-glow-in-the-dark-mini-golf ever.

We drove all over Savannah just to see the ballpark where the Sand Gnats play.

 Oh, and this is the park where Forrest Gump sits on his bench. There's not a bench facing the same way it is in the movie. But the steeple in the background is the opening scene where the feather floats over.

Aren't you jealous yet?


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