Pinterest: Friend or Foe?

Uninspired as to what it was that I was going to blog about today, I logged on to Facebook to skulk around. Having not spent much time on Pinterest in the past week or so, I also logged on there.

I have three arguments for the foe part of Pinterest tonight.

1. I was wasting time when I really didn't need another reason not to clean my nasty bathrooms. Be proud of me. I did stop my lurking to go do that.

2. I am NOT following someone that supposedly I am following. I've made sure to follow all, then unfollow all to make sure I'm not following something that I just can't see that I am following of this person's. I don't know if I "liked" something that she posted on the "Everything" feed or what. Now she is all over my friend feed.

I do not want to look at all the lingerie she posts. I don't want to log on in front of anyone because I don't want them to see all this stuff in my feed.

I think she may be overweight and fantasizing about things she wish she could wear or something because she posts a lot of plus-sized models and makes comments about body image. Whatever the case, I don't want to look at all of her pins.

3. I was looking at a "Crochet Inspiration" board, and found all sorts of more complicated patterns and stitches. UGH!!!

I feel so unrefined in my crocheting now. So much less talented. So basic.

With one bathroom clean, I now want to go see if I can perfect the Granny Ripple or make hexagons.

Stupid Pinterest. You suck the life right out of me.